"Biggest Loser" - Suzy Rocks!

Both BMM and myself were cheering for Suzy!

What a huge difference for all three finalists!
A shout out to Andrea for looking HOT last night.

Special note to the host - Caroline Rhea.....you need some good gay friends to help you before you hit the stage. MESS! MESS!! MESS!!! You look like you had just been in a back alley bitch slappin fight and then grabbed your wig and plopped it on yo' head before the show. You looked bruised and abused.

Some bad editing on this finale show as well. Camera angles all off and camera operators lost from the top of the show. MESS!!!!


Anonymous said...

TO hell with that...Seth was looking HOT! I was cheering for him!

Anonymous said...

she and matt have announced that they are dating.