Creative Clay

If any of you "Mo's" watched the Apprentice last night you probably saw Clay exit the Trump Tower for the final time. I have to admit I was cheering for Clay along the way for a little bit and then his antics got a little old. He would have been perfect as the Blizzard Queen for the Dairy Queen mascot!! Not because he is gay but because he can be frigid, bitter and abrasive in a New York minute.

Clay could possibly be the son or younger brother of Leslie Jordan from "Will & Grace." I think they may be the same height at 4' 11". I think Clay and Leslie Jordan should hit the road and perform in Southern drag bars doing "Sister's" or some other campy number.

I am sure that there were creative edits around Clay and his antics. It is Hollywood and Trump after all. So it is getting down to the wire and it had become quite apparent that Clay was difficult to work with. Let's do the math here. Openly gay, real estate agent from Texas. Of course Clay was going to ride the pony his way. Good job Clay but it was time for the "MO" to go!! Huffing and puffing along the way did not help matters. I kept waiting for a full out temper tantrum.

Like Trump said - "That is why they have menus in restaurants. I like steak, some people like spaghetti. That's OK." The side order (ahem...short order) of Clay is no longer on the Trump menu. Which I for one think is good. Leave the drama in Texas.


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