Starkville, Mississippi's Biggest Mess Proclaims, "This Town Loooooves ME!"

So R24 and I get to Starkville, MS on Friday night. We were there to see friends and go to the Mississippi State vs. Mississippi football game (MSU won handily 35-14). Anywho, Mr. LPB was a drunken MESS before we even got there. See, LPB is one of my bestest friends and he was a mean ole bitch that night!

We were at a restaurant with some friends having dinner and this queen was yellin and screamin. We tried to settle him down and all he kept saying was that "These people in here KNOOOOOWWW ME! They don't care! This town LOOOOVES ME!".

LOL. I about fell out of my chair. Um YEAH...they love how you ACT A FOOL out in public!! UGH...and LPB was picking on me all night! :( BLAH!

However, the next day we all had fun and everything was ok. I think what happens is as long as you are on the same drunken level as the next person then you don't notice how obnoxious you or anyone else around you is. I'm sure I was a big ole mess retard during the tailgate and game! :)


Anonymous said...

BIG OLE MESS INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh - BMM I hate it that I missed you guys. I actually saw LPB at the Veranda (quite wasted, I may add). He was doing that funny walk where he kind of prances one foot in a semi-circular motion in front of the other with those hips swaying, and I just knew at any minute there was going to be a face planted on the floor. He kept saying that you two were coming, but then he left. I missed your time in Starkville, and my heart is broken. So from now on, I will let you know when I will be around your way. GO STATE!!!