Egg Bowl 2005

Mississippi State vs. Ole Miss (or Ole Mess whichever you prefer)

After a lackluster season for both teams, it was a showdown. Most of the critics picked the Rebels for a big win. UPSET!!! State not only won the football game - but they looked like a bowl bound team! 35-14 was the final score. It was a great game to see and we had the perfect seats. The only thing not perfect were the Ole Miss fans sitting in front of us. They left early in the 4th quarter with the Rebel flag tucked firmly in their ass.

It takes a lot of nerve for an Ole Miss fan to walk through the Bulldog tailgate parties. One rebel almost got his ass kicked for doing so. Just ignant!!

I say so long until next year Ole Miss because ya'll were a big ole mess - on and off the field. Mo power to the dawgs!!

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