Would you really be that cruel?

Just in case you missed the last episode of "Desperate Housewives" you can now download from Itunes for a mere $1.99 per episode. I know....DAMN, that's cheap.
So...in the episode there is a work related situation with Lynn. Apparently she has been the butt of many jokes in the office about her lack of attire. She buys a stunning white suit and to leaves the tags intact so that she can return it after the big meeting. During the big meeting she slightly turns and her boss notices a price tag on the skirt. Most decent people would pull you aside and tell you privately that you are giving some Minnie Pearl. But no....Lynn is humiliated when her boss rips the tag off of the skirt and hands it to her. WHAT A BITCH!! Perhaps there will be a good cat fight between these two before the end of the season. Go Lynn!! Take a whack-a-wheezer!!
Other items of desperate mention. C'mon Bree the dude is a creep, he helped Rex to an early grave and he is a big ole closet "MO!"
Gabrielle, playing hard to get is just not your game. What happened to the diversity in the circle this week? Susan, Susan, SUSAN!! The crying in Mom's wedding gown, running barefoot after Mike, standing in the middle of the street, blocking Mike's truck, pleading for mercy and begging for forgiveness was a "BIG OLE MESS" and a little too much over the top.

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