Shirley MacLaine Loves Her Some Oscar

Recently quoted in a CNN.com article, Shirley MacLaine states that she loves winning awards, but don't dress her up all nice! Most actors/actresses are modest about these things, but I love how Shirley tells the truth!

When it comes to candor about the Oscars, Shirley MacLaine may take the best-actress prize. The five-time nominee, who won best actress for "Terms of Endearment," was blunt about the possibility of winning again, this time for her supporting role as a grandma in the sibling-rivalry tale "In Her Shoes."

"I love to win those things. Love it," MacLaine said. "The only part about it I don't like is the red carpet and getting a dress and walking around in high heels and holding in my stomach. I hate that."

I can't help to notice how much different she looks in her recently released film "In Her Shoes" versus her upcoming film "Rumor Has It". She looks so much younger and thinner in the latter! I guess it's the hair and makeup? What do you think?

"In Her Shoes"

"Rumor Has It..."

MESS if you ask me...

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Anonymous said...

Shirley looks good ALL the time. She is so FAB!!!!!!!!!!