The Apprentice Strikes A New Low!

A MAJOR MESS! Last night, NBC's "The Apprentice" gained a new apprentice for Donald Trump. Randal Pinkett was hired and Rebecca was ALMOST hired but Pinkett said no when asked by the Donald. With fugly Alla and Felisha in the background saying no as well. It was very disappointing for a finale to end so weird. Rebecca did well to keep her emtions in check. The Donald should have had more guts to make his own decision and as a result he looked like a wimp. It must have been discussed prior to the show because Randal looked a little too rehearsed in his "I AM A ONE MAN SHOW!" speech. BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!

Okay, back to Alla. BITTER BITCH PARTY OF ONE! Good riddens and thank goodness you did not make it to the final round. She has ice for blood and we can only imagine how she would have run her sweat shop.

Okay, back to Randal. Randal was a class act until last night. Sure, it's okay to want the limelight all to YO SELF but c'mon. It would have been a first to have the Donald hire two people. I think Randal was afraid of being outdone AGAIN! Rebecca on the final task BEAT YO ASS hands down.

And now to YAHOO! who looked like complete ASS. Whoever that woman executive was for YAHOO! really put a damper on raising money for a very important charity, the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Was it really a surprise to see the CFO of YAHOO! show up at the live finale to make a $100,000.00 donation. NO! They should have donated another $100,000 for the fugly woman executive. Because she messed up big time in pushing for YAHOO to be so prominent and in everybody's face. The woman executive from YAHOO! should be put in the front of the Donald for a good firing.

Not sure that I can really watch "The Apprentice" again after last night. It left you asking tons of questions, a little on the "icky" side and then completely pissed off! What a mess of a show and some bitter contestants who barely got to talk unless they were women. Perhaps the Donald was still on his "menu" state of mind. Just a big ole mess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

you are stupid... it is a game... there is only one winner.... tie games suck!

Interface7 said...

OH WHATEVER...it should have been the GIRL then. Randal showed is ass off and TRUE COLORS in the live finale. What an ASSHOLE.

R24 said...

Note to anonymous above.....YOU ARE BIG OLE MESS for posting that response. This site is about fun and venting about big ole messes.
Thanks for proving our point that there are still big messes like you out there!!