Vocab Blast From the Past

I couldn't believe I had forgotten how cool the word "rad" is. I mean...damn...it's RAD! I totally had not heard that word in YEARS since this morning during a chat with a friend of mine that lives where I grew up. Check it out:

[09:06] Friend: HAPPY B DAY 2 ME!
[09:07] BMM: oh yay
[09:07] BMM: 25!
[09:07] Friend: yup!
[09:07] BMM: u may now rent a car
[09:07] BMM: congrats
[09:07] Friend: this is true!
[09:07] Friend: thanks!
[09:07] BMM: lol
[09:08] Friend: and they no longer can charge me the underage fees
[09:08] BMM: you are 1/4 of a century old
[09:08] Friend: for renting cars
[09:08] Friend: man
[09:08] BMM: and your insurance goes down
[09:08] Friend: does it?!
[09:08] BMM: yup
[09:08] Friend: rad!
[09:08] BMM: OMG
[09:08] BMM: you just said rad
[09:08] Friend: lol
[09:08] BMM: i haven't heard that in AGES
[09:08] BMM: i may just have to blog this
[09:08] Friend: thats the coolest word ever!

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