The Holiday Party Season Has Started!!

Okie dokie. Myself and BMM attended a fabulous holiday party on Saturday evening. The invitation was very nice and we totally expected that the guest of honor would be in attendance. BUT NO! The four legged canine was not invited to his own party. He was held hostage at a nearby neighbor's house. Buster should have been there with an outfit on and reindeer antlers on his head! What the hell!!

Anyway......the night got very interesting. We were quite entertained with three women who we shall refer to as the "Three Wise Queens" due to the intake of alcohol.

Silky - Wise Woman #1 - was swaying in the wind although there was no wind inside the house. She could not have walked a straight line if she tried. She also had the "I LOVE YOU MAN" syndrome for the rest of the evening. Even when I called her dude as we were watching V. Tech get hammered by Florida State.

Rosy Cheeks - Wise Woman # 2 (owner of the house) was in rare form as well. She was busy entertaining the remaining drunks with drinks and trying to play matchmaker as well with a local neighbor man. The local neighbor man is related to a band member of Pearl Jam. Rosy was going through her list of Wisteria Lane to see who might be suitable for the gentlman. By the way.....Rosy was having this conversation in her pajamas, drinking wine and opening up a gift from "Silky" while Silky kept screaming that "YOU ARE SO GONNA LOVE THIS!" The gift was a Frogger game that plugs directly into the t.v. FROGGER...blast from the past!

The third wise woman was Miss Cleo. Miss Cleo was quite the trip. She kept the party at full throttle and was using party napkins as foul napkins for the party and for the V. Tech/FSU game. "FAG on the play, I mean Flag on the play" was her constant cry as she kept throwing napkins in the air. Miss Cleo also likes to arm wrestle. Don't do it. This girl has muscles from days gone by. She arm wrestled her brothers as a child and has not lost a match yet. Be AFRAID!

It was a long evening for us as we had been to the Miss Arlington pageant before the party. We were happy to announce to the three wise women that it was a good pageant and there was a lack of cameltoe this time around. Although BMM thinks he saw a little bit of CT on the winner but could not confirm the sighting.

We left the three big messes (the three wise women) to finish their wine and stories as it was approaching 1 a.m. The next day we got a phone call informing us that we left too soon because "Silky" was explaining the fine talents of dry humping to the older neighborhood gentleman. MESS!

We love the three wise women for being big ole messes. Congrats ladies. You made the blog.

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