You did not hear it from us........but stay tuned to Project Runway Season 2. (Kudos to Heidi Klum for being preggers and still being f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s)

Andrae, pictured here below is a MAJOR MESS who had a MAJOR MELTDOWN and could have possibly survived the first round with his hysterical crying scene. Tim told you he was concerned with your concept.....HELLO!! BIG HINT!!

We say..."GET A GRIP MARY!" And stop with the sashay. That's why you have a professional model.

Also stay tuned this week for a possible explosion between Santiago and judge Nina. For loyal viewers, you know that they don't call her hurricane Nina for nothing. What are you thinking Santiago?

You are either in or your out! We say you are either a mess or not!

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