Brittany Snow Interview!

Great interview about the season finale of Nip/Tuck tonight by Brittany Snow (Matt's girlfriend in the show). check it out here: INTERVIEW

"Snow has had a recurring role this season as Ariel, the new girlfriend of perpetually troubled teen Matt McNamara (John C. Hensley), who was raised by plastic surgeon Dr. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh), but is actually the biological son of his partner and best pal, Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon).

The role has been a revelation for Snow's fans, which are used to seeing her as the apple-cheeked, wholesome Meg on NBC's "American Dreams." As Ariel, the loyal daughter of a white supremacist (Brian Kerwin), Snow donned black clothes and eyeliner, sported Teutonic jewelry and spouted neo-Nazi slogans.

"It's actually the most rewarding role I've had in a while," Snow says. "This is the thing where I went to work every day just scared out of my mind, because it's so unlike me. What I found is it's actually really sad. I do feel for the character."

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