BLAM!! Get You a Taste of Some Bitch Pudding!

What's up hoes?? My better half introduced me to the best animated character OF ALL TIME (cue Kanye) last weekend...BITCH PUDDING!! BLAM!! This Big Ole Animated Wonderful Mess reminds me of a SUPER sassy, blonde haired Suzzanne Sugarbaker (from Designing Women) mashed up with Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas (you know...ghetto-girl voice coming out of a white girl).

She first appeared (for seven seconds) on Robot Chicken during [adult swim] in the "My Black Cherry is Gone" segment. She made QUITE the impression!

According to bitchpuddin.com,
The Bitch was voiced by Katee Sackhoff.

***EDIT*** I just found her *real* second appearance! It's here: "Beginning Season Five" in the "Saving Private Gigli" episode of Robot Chicken. BLAM!!

I almost died from the hysterical laughing that ensued after watching the THIRD (and sadly last) appearance of Bitch Puddin: "YO NAME IS ****FACE!!". I have to say I LOVE how she *twirls* out of the door on her exit.

Many peeps are obsessed with Miss Bitch now, and riots may break out if we don't get more of her soon! She's only been on Robot Chicken three times! ugh! Bring her back!! I found two Facebook pages dedicated to Bitch Pudding here and here. Go ahead and LIKE her and get you a taste of some Bitch Puddin!!!

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