Video Bloggers = BIG OLE MESS

OK, I'm on a roll today. I added a new "ad unit" to the right side of the page. It's something new that YouTube and Google's Adsense have put together. Anyway, I really had no idea what would pop up there, but as you can see it's a lot of video bloggers. So far, the entries displayed have been crazies. Check it out for yourself! You can now view big ole messes like the one above via video everyday. Just click on the right! LOL

Open it Steve!

Ya'll remember the curtain not opening during the Best Supporting Actress montage at the Oscars this year? I totally forgot about it. We could hear someone on the mic yelling "Steve! Open it!". LOL...that was a mess, but Entertainment Weekly cleared up the matter here:

''Steve is a stagehand,'' confirms a rep for the Academy, who assures us that the goof was not the poor guy's fault. ''He is not in trouble. It was a technical glitch.''

Technical glitch or not, I thought it was a precursor for the rest of the telecast. Thankfully it wasn't because I thought it was one of the BEST Oscars in years! =)

Biden Needs Your Website "Number"

Is Joe Biden taking over for George W. Bush in the gaffe department? Biden comes across as uninformed in this video from CNN's Jeanne Moos. He didn't know what the website ADDRESS was for the public information on the new stimulus plan. He asked his aides for the website "number" during a live interview...MESS! In subsequent speeches he would state ".com" intead of ".gov". The stimulus bill website is www.Recovery.GOV for those that want to know. Oh, and by the way Biden, my website number is www.BigOleMess.com!

Honk if You're Paying my Mortgage!

LOL!! This is awesome. The Tennessee Republican Party is making these. Here's their press release about the stickers:

The Tennessee Republican Party has released a new bumper sticker designed to let people express their frustration with the relentless march by the Obama administration and the out-of-control Democrat Congress to enact endless “bailouts” and “economic stimulus” packages that are pushing America trillions of dollars deeper into debt.
The sticker, which reads HONK if you’re paying my mortgage, is available on the Tennessee Republican Party’s website, www.tngop.org, for a small donation to the party.
“If President Obama gets his way, the 92 percent of American homeowners who pay their mortgages on time will be forced to do with less in the future so that the Obama administration can use their money to reward banks that offered bad loans to customers who had no business accepting them,” said Bill Hobbs, communications director for the Tennessee Republican Party. “Government has no business forcing one American to pay another American’s mortgage. It’s time for the Obama administration to stop the bailout madness, unshackle the economy and the creativity of the American people by reducing personal and business taxes and cutting government red-tape and interference in the economy, and let the free markets work.”

I know one thing: I've been paying my mortgage ON TIME since it started over 1.5 years ago. Ain't no one else payin' it! I kinda wish they were though....maybe for a couple months. That'd be nice!! ;)


SJP: Your Cup Overfloweth

Hey Sarah Jessica....you were NOT at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, but your two best friends sure thought they were! Lordy girl...you almost busted out of the top of that dress! I didn't really notice you during the Red Carpet walk or during the Oscar telecast. A Hawaiian friend sent me your photo. He must have thought you looked quite "sunny" on Sunday night! BTW...I was glad to hear about a possible sequel to the Sex and the City Movie. =)


M-I-Crooked Letta, Crooked Letta-I.....

I LOVE my Bulldogs buuuuuut....someone's head should be rolling for this embarrassing mistake! How about you use spell check before sending the graphic file to the sign fabricator! M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I!!! I'm sure Greg Byrne, the Athletic Director at State, had a nice FIT over this one! OH...and another thing! Where the hell is the new M-State logo? Mississippi State has new Visual Identity Standards that were implemented this past fall. It was a huge deal....where's the new logo??


B.O.M. Watch: What if Ledger Doesn't Win Oscar?

Lord, I would hate to be the actor that was called the winner if not called for Heath. He'd instantly be hated online and probably not know what in the hell to say at the mic....especially with Ledger's family sitting right there in the front or near the front row. Whew! We shall SEE what happens!

I agree with Tom Charity from CNN: "The idea that Heath Ledger won't win for "The Dark Knight" is so unthinkable, I can only imagine mass walk-outs at the ceremony and riots breaking out across the country if it doesn't come to pass." LOL

You can read the full article here about Oscar predictions.


American Idol Background Goth Chorus Runs out of Steam Halfway Through Telecast

Totally kidding...BUT....what in the HELL is up with the dramatic, tense, new background track AI plays while giving contestants results? There is a resounding "aaaaahhhhhHHHHHH" in the middle every 30 seconds or so. It's a little obnoxious.

And can we all breath a HUGE sigh of relief that Tatiana is NOT in the top 12 on American Idol!?! Meltdown on stage tonight! Drama QUEEEEN! (Shhh...Tatiana...here's a seecret....I heard there are 3 wild card spots! You may still have a chance Tatiana! Like one one-thousandth chance girl!)

BigOleMess Furniture Item - GOTTA HAVE IT!

I recently came across this EXQUISITE piece in Calvert, TX. I mean...who doesn't want a camouflage twin headboard for their child's room?

I was quite excited to find this. It means that I can most likely have the same furniture artisan design me a California King headboard in Desert Storm camouflage! I've had this on my list since '91!


Inflight Wi-Fi on Southwest Airlines - User Testimony

Holy shit! I had no idea my flight from Houston Hobby to Baltimore Washington airport was going to have a prototype in-flight Wi-Fi system on it! (See this article.) I'm typing this post from 39,000 feet in the air! I am a BIGOLEMESS right now. Jack and Diet Coke to my right....and I'm about to get into one of my Cadbury Cream Eggs I brought on board with me. I'm one of those people that LOVES them. I also realize there's a group of peeps that HATE them....yeah?...well screw you! They are awesome, and so is in-flight Internet access.

So far, I have had ZERO issues with the in-flight Wi-Fi. It's satellite based from the airplane. There is a slight lag, but nothing horrible. I'm used to lightning fast Verizon FiOS....so to most people the connection speed is probably on par.

Anyway, I definitely wanted to post a blog entry from the air. Yes, I know it's been a while since I've posted and there are WAY too many BIG OLE MESSES I should have covered (OCTO-MOM, the stimulus bill, Coldplay NOT winning Best Album and Best Record at the Grammys...not to mention countless others). Sorry! I'll try to be better about posting.

Signing off from 39,000 feet over the Mississippi Delta (how do I know? well...go here: FlightAware.com)!!