HAPPY MARDI GRAS - Fat Tuesday - 80's style in D.C.

Okay. DJ Jason is not a mess. We think? Although he did have us order 6 "prissy" shots to celebrate "FAT TUESDAY"! The mess was on the dance floor. Men gyrating with men, bedroom eyes through beer goggles and men cutting in line to the bathroom, when the line was cleary in cue. HELLLURRRR!! Madea would have taken her gun and shot the poor bastard dead trying to squat before she did. Needless to say.....Fun was had by all in Washington, DC at Cobalt dancing to the awesome tunes of DJ Jason Royce (who also filled in as lighting tech. The original lighting tech was missing and was last seen on the spotlight at the Crew Club. Hmmm. T.M.I.!! Really!!! Rock on DJ Royce and also for trying hard, really hard, to find a song by George Michael with a cellblock flare. Earlier we were awarded beads by the Green Lantern Angels crew of Coco, Blair Michaels and Miss Lena Lett. Blair was a bit of a B.O.M. but still handle the pole like a true stripper should and Coco was just happy to be watching the bartender on bartender action while Miss Lena Lett bowed to no one. Miss Lett likes a good show of Big Ole Messes and happily entertained the crowd with her antics of "Bitch, you don't know me very well do you! Don't mess with Miss Lena!! WE LOVE US SOME MISS LENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!