Unannounced in the Backyard

A word to the wise. If you have ever told someone:

A. Please don't call me.
B. Please don't email me.
C. I don't want to see you.
D. I don't want to know about what is going on in your life.
E. Please respect my life and my privacy.

...Then respect THEIR privacy and THEIR life by not showing up in their backyard unannounced and by surprise.

Thank you.


The Breakup Mess

You know, breakups can be a huge mess. Especially when one or the other is vindictive and jealous about the whole thing. The time during a break up could be a really happy time for one or really frustrating and sad for the other. I think their is a whole grief process involved really. Let me just tell you that it SUCKS to be on the receiving end of a mad, angry, jealous, hurt ex. You want to be happy and remain friends and not burn bridges...and just a week ago the ex was nice and cordial and updating you on his/her life...then all of a sudden things change and there's no communication. Next you ask why and get a hate email.


It is so frustrating. I hate the damn cliche of "Time heals all wounds", but for the context of this blog we will say "Time heals ALL BIG OLE MESSES"...most of the time...

Take for instance Anna Nicole Smith...she will always be a big ole mess even at 100 LBS less!





1. Point your browser to www.google.com
2. Type in 'failure' to search for.
3. Click on "I'm Feeling Lucky".

Who thinks Google will get themselves into a BIG OLE MESS for that?



The New Supreme Court Nominee

My God...look at Harriet Miers. This woman's make-up is awful. MESS!!

Someone should get her to a salon STAT and do a makeover before the comfirmation hearings. I wouldn't want my face on national television looking like that. She looks like the "neck-smoker" woman (Juno) from Beetlejuice.

Look at that eyeliner! Whew!

Neck-Smoker Woman


Drunk Dialing

OK....let's talk about a mess that happened last night. I was cuddled on the couch with my new love interest and I my cell phone rang. I looked at the name of who was calling and realized it was an esntranged friend who we will call Bob Nantucket. I was not going to pick up that call!

So...then my phone beeps like it does when I get a voice mail. I check it and I quote, "Hey shithead...I thought I would call you for a change, but I guess you didn't want to pick up."

HMMPRH! Whatever! Oh...and he was D-R-U-N-K! People, people, people...do not leave drunk voicemails and don't drunk dial people! I have been guilty of this myself. I guess it's the whole "liquid courage" thing. See...this guy was a great friend. I never understood why he cut himself off from me (and a couple of others)....but now he's coming back around. Not sure if i want to deal with that drama.

Anywho...don't let your mouth get you in trouble! (Mine does and my mother constantly reminds me that "if anything will get you in trouble it's your mouth!").