Prop 8 and Rush Limbaugh's Hypocrisy

(Originally posted as a note on my Facebook. I figured it needed a larger audience.)

I can't just sit on this any longer without speaking out...

Rush Limbaugh on Prop 8 defeat:
"They seek to impose their perverted views, their depraved views on family and marriage," he thundered. "Nobody's denying anybody the right to get married. Marriage? There's a definition of it, for it. It means something. Marriage is a union of a man and a woman. And, he concluded, "This is about destroying an institution."

No sir, YOU have participated in "destroying an institution" by marrying FOUR times and DIVORCING THREE times. You clearly have ZERO respect for the institution of marriage.

There is nothing perverted or depraved about a life long commitment to the human being that you fall in love with and to have that relationship recognized by law. It's called marriage and I hope that one day that right is available to me.

To quote a friend, Frenchie Davis:
"Eph 6:5 "slaves obey your masters....", Col 3:22 "servants obey your masters", Tim 2:9 1Pt 2:18 "servants be subject to your masters in all fear..." there was a time when these bible verses were used to justify the institution of slavery....we can play "the Bible says...." game alllllll day.....using GOD to justify your bigotry is a far more sinful "lifestyle choice" than anything else."