Noteable BCS Champtionship Facebook Status Updates

WOW...they sure did get the Championship paraphernalia out QUICK...like in SECONDS!

Status updates noticed:

PA thinks OU and Ohio State should play in a bcs game...at least one them would win. Another SEC National Champ!!!

DB says SEC > everyone else.

BS who is the only team to beat the national champs??? hotty toddy!
(My reply: I knew one of you Ole Miss bastards would point that out! =))

TF says BIG 12 huh, what? Bow down to the power of the SEC, friends!!! Gone to bed after a great GATOR and SEC win!!!! MSU fans, loving this offense! Great hire!

DM hopes Mullen brings Tebow with him to Starkvegas!

JW is loving that pitch/shovel option play. Mullen bring that play here! [to MSU]

KH smiles: OLE MISS 31 National Champs 30! Hotty Toddy!
(My reply: Yet another Ole MESS biatch touting this fact...I hate that it's true!!)
(KH reply: "Ole Miss beat Tx Tech that beat Tx that beat OU and Ole Miss beat UF. Case settled, OLE MISS 2008 Natl Champs!"
(My reply: "You F'n WISH!!")

AS is kinda drunk.

TM is National Champions. Love to b a Florida gator!!!!!!!!!

....and my favorite...and the MESS of the status updates:
PM says rooting for the gators equals voting a republican.
(My reply: shut up you whiny Sooner biatch!)
(TP reply: Now you're just being hateful.)
(My reply: him or me?)
(PTP reply: that one must hurt for the okies.)

Congrats to the University of Florida GATORS! CHOMP!

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Anonymous said...

Now the gators have won as many national championships as Ole Miss. :)