The Cat Girl that has a Chihuahua

What if you had a college degree and a post-graduate degree (we're talking esquire here people) and lived in a 100 square foot room with two big ass orange/white cats and one doodoo brown chihuahua (that's still using pee pads to defecate and urinate on...missing most of the time) all the while having to sleep in the scent of used cat litter?

What if you lived with a close friend of mine that has endured the messiness that is the 2nd bedroom of the townhouse you both rent?

What if I stayed over one night, while in town, and you weren't there and said close friend opened the door to your room so I could finally understand how horrible the hardly describable smell that lingers out of your room?

Well, if this were you, I'd tell you that you were one BIG OLE STANKY MESS and should know better than to:

A. Not crate a puppy, thus house breaking the poor thing (he is cute....just a product of bad training)

B. Not clean out cat litter boxes on a daily basis (hell twice a day should be more like it)


C. Not offer to repair damages made by cute chihuahua to said friend's belongings immediately

Shame, shame, shame! big, big, BIG OLE MESS....but not as big as J!!


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is BIG OLE MESS GALORE! I have witnessed said smell and it is disgusting to say the least. Come on now people!!!

Shelley said...

I have a pretty good idea of who you are talking about and have heard some stories. I'll just be glad when said friend gets the hell out of that place!

Anonymous said...

(1) I love the Ads by Google to the side here that discuss "no more gross smells" and how to housebreak a chihuahua- lol!
(2) You forgot to add how the big ole mess spreads throughout the house in the form of pee paw prints, since the BOM owner doesn't change the pads promptly and the rat dog enjoys running through his own pee.