How heinous were those University of Texas band uniforms last night at The Fiesta Bowl? My first Big Ole Mess of 2009 is The University of Texas' Marching Band. Fringe on band uniforms ain't right. Burnt orange (urrrange) is a God awful color too. The combination of the two is painful to the eyes! =)

Another Big Ole Mess from the Fiesta Bowl is Ohio State. Why oh why do you continue to CHOKE in the BCS games Buckeyes? I was rooting for ya.....mainly because the Texas band looked ridiculous and I hate burnt orange.


Anonymous said...

There football team may be better than the Buckeyes. But the Buckeyes have THE BEST DAMN BAND IN THE LAND. I'm still VERY proud of that.

Shelley said...

You mention the fringe, but make no mention of those hats. I think they at least deserve an honorable mention.

Unknown said...

they can have fringe out the ying-yang as long as their cheerleaders keep wearing those chaps!!

Unknown said...

Agreed! But, I still don't care for Ohio State even with that foul fringe.