Sasha Full of Grace

Miss Cohen was outstanding during her short program. The best skating I had ever seen. She was confident, had grace, artistry, strong jumps, and the crowd was with her all the way. However, last night the doubt was in her eyes when she hit the ice. You could tell something was up in her mind. I had this urging feeling that she was going to fall and BAM...she did. Oh well. I am happy she got a silver medal over the Russian and Sasha's fall was definitely not as nasty (See pictures..can we say SPREAD EAGLE with C.T. sticking OUT...ugh!!)! Sasha had the presentation skills to out score her competitor and grab the silver medal. In my opinion, it is so much more satisfying to watch Cohen than it is Slutskya. Irina is just powerful jumps, spins, and arm movements (much like the gold medal men's winner from Russia this year). Interpretation was the key and Cohen got herself together and finished the free skate strongly! Way to go!

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