Nina, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum - YOU ARE OUT!!!

What a f*ck%$# MESS of tonight's episode!!
The judges sent Nick home. When it came down to Nick and Santino, they were the last two standing.
Big Ole Mess has been a longtime fan of this show. However, tonight was a BIG BIG BIG BIG BIG OLE MESS!!!!!!!!!
Santino designed a jumpsuit for crying out loud. One that made Kara look like a sack of potatoes. She looked like she was constricted and could not move. OMG!!! Oh, wait. SHE COULDN'T!! In fact, when she did move her left sleeve popped off and it barely stayed on. The fact that the trim was glued and the jumpsuit was FUGLY. Did we mention fugly!!! SANTINO IS A MESS, MESS, MESS!!! We loved the fact that last year's winner, JAY, stated what we all feel. We hope they can your ass Santino!!

Kara, you should have spoken up!! C'mon GIRL!! Santino is LUCKY as hell to STILL be in the competition. His attitude and his last few attempts at fashion COMPLETELY SUCK!! The fact that the guest judge loved that fugly ass jumpsuit is embarrassing. Shout out to Nick.....you took a risk and at least the outfit you made for Daniel was presentable and nothing fell off.
Yup....it is a reality show but screw the ratings!! IT HAS BEEN MORE THAN TIME TO GO FOR SANTINO!!

Note to Nina, Michael Kors and Heidi Klum...........YOU HAVE TO GOT TO SEND SANTINO PACKING!! He is killing the show and destroying the other contestants.

Nick.....BIG OLE MESS loves you and we say that you are going to come out of the show smelling like roses. You are truly talented, genuine and well grounded. The suit you made for Daniel was great. We hate that the judges did what they did. You were our pick for the final 3. The show without you is just NOT THE SAME!!! The judges are a mess for NOT sending Santino home and yes WE ARE PISSED OFF!!

Hopefully we will meet you one day so you can sign our "Project Runway Barbie".



Anonymous said...

Give me a break!!
Santino basically designed the suit he was wearing! Those madras pants that Nina Garcia (who I hate) "Just loved!!!" were Santino's idea.
If anyone is dead wood its Kara. She's been riding on other people's good ideas for the last few episodes and deserved to be cut for falling apart during that pair challenge a few weeks back -- remember? when she melted into a pool and Zulema had to come up with a dress and save her hide. She was useless that episode.
True, Santino can be an arrogant pr*&k but he's not less talented then Kara. In fairness.

Anonymous said...

I'll agree with ditching Kara - she's been very very lucky. However Santino is just clueless as to how to design for a woman - as they've repeatedly said. It's a shame that Kara may make it to the final three and not Nick.

And on the other note, that Zulema bitch needed to go - when she stole lil Nick's model....ooh, I was about to tear her a new one. Who does she think she is, Kara Saun?

Anonymous said...

Yup. Kara Saun was a bitch. Like when she threw that bitch attitude. "You better cry and cut". I'd be like..."You better run before I cut you!! BITCH!

Interface7 said...

Kara Saun was from last season...DUH.....you are talking about Noxema...oops I mean Zulema...she's the one that said "You can cry, but you gotta cry and cut!"

I actually thought that line was downright HILARIOUS.

Akira Garcia Noriega said...
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Akira Garcia Noriega said...
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