Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell.....IT'S A NO!!!
The top 24 could already easily be the top 12. Some of the women were awful and if you thought that was bad, it was even worse for the men.
Seriously, out of the 12 men that sang last night there were only 6 out of the 12 that deserved air time. Huge disappointment. We just sat there and kept thinking what the hell Randy, Paula and Simon actually heard in the auditions.
Hear no evil, speak no evil and say no evil need some hearing aids. They sent the mortician boy home and kept some of the worst singers we have ever heard.
This could be one of the worst seasons of American Idol if this madness continues. Some of the men could not have found a right note if it was given to them on a platter. Speaking of platters, most of the men would not even make it as singing waiters. BIG OLE MESS!!

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Anonymous said...

totally agree... especially when thinking about the barry manilow-wanna be. i do have to say that i love the cute blond NC girl, despite the fact that she really can't sing. but at least she has good personality!