Olympic Ice Riddled with Snakes

I couldn't help but notice some awkwardness at last night's male speed skating Olympic event. Joey Cheek from the USA won the Gold (hoooray for him!). However, I noticed that everytime a race was over the men would raise back up and BAM!!! ...they had Camel Toe. Their balls were split RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE! Photos are below illustrating this phenomenon (wish I had better ones). I did some searching for the "male equivalent of a camel toe" and found this from EyeCandy4You's Xanga Site:

The snake in the blanket is more or less the male version of camel toe. It is when a man's pants are so tight you can clearly make out the outline of his penis and nutsack combo. A snake in the blanket is very sketchy and can create many awkward situations. Use extreme caution when in the presence of a snake in the blanket, or you may die.


AFTER race



Interface7 said...

Please excuse the excessive posts on camle toe...but I just couldn't pass this one up. I'll refrain for a while on this issue.

Anonymous said...

whatever, camel lover.

Anonymous said...

Oh, BMM - please don't stop your camel toe posts. They are so funny and nasty. I also hope to learn more about the SNAKE IN THE BLANKET. You gotta love some lycra spandex! It is a shame they can't stuff their shorts - but I suppose that would slow them down.