Nation's Capital Pretending to Work Today

So, since Obama said the following on January 28th, 2009:

"My children's school was canceled today. Because of what? Some ice?" he said, a note of derisive incredulity creeping into his voice. "As my children pointed out, in Chicago, school is never canceled. In fact, my 7-year-old pointed out, you'd go outside for recess in weather like this. You wouldn't even stay indoors." - The Washington Post

...the feds at OPM (www.opm.gov/status) were fearful to cancel work for Federal Employees in Washington, DC today! If they had I'm sure Oblahblah would have started out his 1:00pm press conference (to announce Gov. Kathleen Sebelius as HHS secretary) deriding the local officials and OPM itself. Since yesterday the DC area has had 6-9 inches of snow. This is a completely different environment than it was on January 28th with a lil' snow and some ice.

Obama forgets that DC is a city full of people from all over the country and all walks of life. People mixing together culture and DRIVING patterns. I made my way to work today just fine, but I'm sure new (and possibly old) residents from the South are not having fun today on the roads! The old Texas administration would have canceled work in a heartbeat!

Some of you are probably thinking, "OMG...it's no big deal...just some snow". Well that's fine and dandy, but I'm telling you regardless if federal employees came into work today or not: ain't nothin' gettin' done fo yo asses today by the feds. This whole day is awash and a big ole mess.

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dominique said...

you know, i'm not complaining about the "snow day" that canceled class my senior year that ended up being no more than an inch of rain....but DC doesn't have the infrastructure to clean up snow that they have up north!