Arrogance Sucks!

For those of you watching Project Runway this season I'm sure you have developed the same love/hate sentiment for Santino that I have. I call him "Santiago" when speaking of him in the derogatory sense. Anyway...I hope he learned his lesson from last night's episode! He's so fucking arrogant! Thinks he knows it all and deserves it all.

He's quite a FUGLY one in the attitude and facial departments. Shave your face man! Jeeeez!

I will give him credit....he's a good designer and very creative, but if anything gets in the way of him winning Project Runway it is his arrogant attitude. I find myself laughing at some of the things he says as well...can be funny...but my favorite on the show is NICK! I hope he wins!


He's definitely my favorite to win the show and he keeps SANTIAGO in check! His designs are fantastic. I bet he lands in the top three at least.


Anonymous said...


We are finally together on something...I too cannot stand "Santiago." After last weeks show(i think)when he sold his two teammates out...what a pric!! My vote is for Nick also but as the TV-world goes I am sure they will keep "Santiago" on till the last because they know that what he does draw a lot of people into the program.

Anonymous said...

Fugly, Fugly, Fugly. F-U-G-L-Y you ain't got no fashion. You fugly. Santino is fugly.