Inflight Wi-Fi on Southwest Airlines - User Testimony

Holy shit! I had no idea my flight from Houston Hobby to Baltimore Washington airport was going to have a prototype in-flight Wi-Fi system on it! (See this article.) I'm typing this post from 39,000 feet in the air! I am a BIGOLEMESS right now. Jack and Diet Coke to my right....and I'm about to get into one of my Cadbury Cream Eggs I brought on board with me. I'm one of those people that LOVES them. I also realize there's a group of peeps that HATE them....yeah?...well screw you! They are awesome, and so is in-flight Internet access.

So far, I have had ZERO issues with the in-flight Wi-Fi. It's satellite based from the airplane. There is a slight lag, but nothing horrible. I'm used to lightning fast Verizon FiOS....so to most people the connection speed is probably on par.

Anyway, I definitely wanted to post a blog entry from the air. Yes, I know it's been a while since I've posted and there are WAY too many BIG OLE MESSES I should have covered (OCTO-MOM, the stimulus bill, Coldplay NOT winning Best Album and Best Record at the Grammys...not to mention countless others). Sorry! I'll try to be better about posting.

Signing off from 39,000 feet over the Mississippi Delta (how do I know? well...go here: FlightAware.com)!!


Shanna said...

This is totally awesome and I hope they will do this on all flights! It sure would make flying alot less boring! I'm glad we got to see you this weekend though! And I'm glad you opted for the smoothered burrito... really will help me out on my next Hullabaloo trip!

Anonymous said...

Death to Verizon FiOs!!!! Cable is the way to go!!!! When I am out of a job because Verizon and AT&T has less overhead and is able to move in and take over the cable systems I will come crash at your place when I am homeless....ok...ok!!! Cable companies have to pay wonderful Franchise fees that go back to the local city.

Luv ya Blake!!!