Drunk Dialing

OK....let's talk about a mess that happened last night. I was cuddled on the couch with my new love interest and I my cell phone rang. I looked at the name of who was calling and realized it was an esntranged friend who we will call Bob Nantucket. I was not going to pick up that call!

So...then my phone beeps like it does when I get a voice mail. I check it and I quote, "Hey shithead...I thought I would call you for a change, but I guess you didn't want to pick up."

HMMPRH! Whatever! Oh...and he was D-R-U-N-K! People, people, people...do not leave drunk voicemails and don't drunk dial people! I have been guilty of this myself. I guess it's the whole "liquid courage" thing. See...this guy was a great friend. I never understood why he cut himself off from me (and a couple of others)....but now he's coming back around. Not sure if i want to deal with that drama.

Anywho...don't let your mouth get you in trouble! (Mine does and my mother constantly reminds me that "if anything will get you in trouble it's your mouth!").

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Anonymous said...

I drunk dial, and it's GREAT! Bob Nantucket scares me...for example, one night he had tried to make out with me. It was scary...